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How to Write Test cases for Pencil?

Gather functional requirements and functional specifications of the system. Thanks for making it to the end of this tutorial. I hope by now, based on these sample test cases for pen, you must have got a fair idea of the test case creation process.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

These test cases cover the testing of the look and feel of the object to be tested which is Pen in our case. If you have benefitted from this article or feel someone else can, please feel free to share the knowledge. Whilst writing the test cases above, I actually held the exact model of the pen in my hand and looked at the possible test cases I could think of.

thoughts on “Test Cases for Pen”

In the context of pen test cases, our test data would be the type of pencil we have to use, the darkness of the pencil etc. If you feel, we have missed some test cases, please let us know in the comments. Verifies the print paper result with a predefined Pencil 2HB RGB values with the image RGB values. Regardless of whether you adopt automation testing or manual tests, they’ll come in handy when it comes to regression testing. If these are ambiguous or low quality then your testing will be an uphill battle. A small thing like a pencil can have so many different situations and contexts.

For example, in the image below, I took a random sample of pens that I have at home and lined them up together. As I mentioned above, in this article, I’m only going to look at a specific type of Pen. In the section below, you’ll find a list of different types of pens. The hardness of the pencil ranges from 1 to 4, where 1 is the softest and 4 is the hardest.

Performance Test Cases for Pen

The expected result will be determined by your specifications. Verify the number of characters a user can write with the single refill in case of ballpoint & gel pen and with full ink, in case of ink or fountain pens. Functional test cases are the test cases that involve testing the different functional requirements of the object under test.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

Below you’ll find a combination of positive and negative test cases for a pen which you may want to include in your test plan or as part of a user journey. The candidate is broadening the scope of the testing, thinking about the colour of the pencil but they are not getting to the test concept yet. Interviewers love questions that are scenario based, open-ended, and vague, but they would be familiar even for a person from a non-technical background.

Functional Test Scenarios for Pen

Writing test cases for pencils would be a great example of such questions. In this article, we are sharing test scenarios of Pencil. Since the focus here is to cover the different features to be tested instead of the creation of formal test cases, so basically we will be presenting test scenarios here. If you do use this example then you may want to consider a positive and negative test scenario where the eraser works and doesn’t work.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

Look at the below sample to understand it better. Test the interoperability of the pencil with several other items. If you’re interested in knowing what is involved with becoming a software tester, then feel free to read the article. Who would’ve thought that creating test cases for a pencil was so much work yet so much fun. As always, you should ask lots of questions and NEVER assume the behaviour of how the pencil will work. Another example you might want to think about is whether or not the pencil has an eraser.

Negative Test Scenarios for Pen

You might be interested in learning about a non functional requirements checklist. There is an interesting LinkedIn post where a QA manager explains how he interviewed a candidate with these pencil test cases. Let’s look into a paraphrase of that interview below. The interviewer wants to test the basic testing skills, knowledge and intuitiveness of your testing capabilities. If you are an experienced candidate, the interviewer wants to check on how you test something new that’s not related to the domain.

Verify the functioning of a pen at extreme altitude. Verify the functioning of the pen on applying extreme pressure. Verify the pencil test cases functioning of a pen at extreme temperatures. Verify that the user is able to write clearly over different types of papers.

A small yet functional item such as a pencil requires so much thought when writing test cases. You can use the above examples and extend this to pencils such as water colours. Below are a list of functional and non functional test cases for a pencil that you should add to your test plan. The quality of the testing you will conduct will usually be a result of the quality of the specification documents.

  • I checked this on black, blue and red pens which I currently have at home and the lids were in different positions.
  • Verify the performance or the functioning of a pen when used continuously without stopping (Endurance Testing).
  • Alternatively if you want to know how to write test cases for a pen then read that article next after this one.
  • Below you’ll find a combination of positive and negative test cases for a pen which you may want to include in your test plan or as part of a user journey.

Test data is nothing but data that is specifically created for input for a certain test. Each pen is unique in design and follows a particular pattern for the design. The system shall write on white paper with the specified level of darkness. Gather requirements of the pencil like weight, color, size and dimensions etc. ( This is a traditional SDLC approach ). The main difference is that you’d expect them to work when water is applied to them.

I can really appreciate how these products are tested as I didn’t even think about half of these scenarios until I actually put some thought into it. In fact, next time someone asks me to explain software testing in a REALLY easy way, I’ll use the example of Testing a Pen. I’m sure there are tons more but each of these pens have their own functions and should be tested in their own specific way. This is good, the candidate seems to get into the stress testing concept, yet they are not using any testing terminology to define it. The interviewer would be impressed if you can apply testing methods to the answer.

How to Write Test cases for Pencil

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